Dream log

Over the past year or so, I’ve been having some very lucid dreams. The most recent (as in last night) was a continuation of a dream I had months ago, and usually I remember or recognise people who star in my dream. But last night I strangely can’t remember anyone standing out.
I have decide to start logging my dreams, a dream diary or dream journaling if you will! 😊 So hopefully I will be able to figure out the subconscious messages that keep repeating. 
Do you keep a record of your dreams? Have you ever had a continuation of a dream?

The inauguration 2017

Today is the day that Donald John Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.

2017 is a year of wonder. 

Will he be successful? How will his presidentcy effect the world?

I’m watching it take place, with my little fur babies!
Good luck America!

Gustav Klimt Tarot deck


Well, I done did it! I splurged on a new tarot deck. 

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Klimt, I find his work unsettling for one reason or another… But man, this deck. I was so drawn to this deck once I’d seen people’s in boxing vids. 

Will have to give it time to see how I do with the imagery, hopefully it’s a keeper!

Frosty mornings.

Have been meaning to take up this blog at the start of 2016, but it’s half way through January now and I’ve only just decided to post something.

Today is particularly cold. -1c outside. And seeing as 2015 was quite mild in terms of the weatherly temperatures, this has come as a bit of a shock! Not completely unwelcome shock though, as I do believe ice and snow are good at killing off germs and viruses..

Usually where I live, when it’s icy, you get a nice picturesque look at the hills sprinkled with (what looks like) frosted icing! Today though I didn’t have that pleasure, as the hills have hidden behind a thick veil of mist, otherwise I’d have grabbed a photo!

Never mind! As something that always gets me awestruck is frozen spiderwebs! And lucky for me they’re all over the place!

But here’s to getting home from work to a nice hot brew!