Dry shampoo

I’ve been very keen to pursue a more eco friendly lifestyle this year.

So far, I’ve been trying out different soap and shampoo bars made by independent artisans, with great success! (I’ll aim to do a write up on what I’ve been using at a later point.)

The one issue I have is that I do miss dry shampoo.. The problem with aerosol dry shampoos is:

1. The mess. The dust produced by dry shampoos is appalling. (It doesn’t matter what brand, more settles in the room then on my hair!)


2. The waste. As aforementioned, the amount of product lost is a real annoyance, but also there is the issue of the packaging – an aerosol can and various non recyclable plastic parts.

So with that in mind, I’m now looking into making my own! Here’s an infographic recipe I found online. I have got to say I am looking forward to trying it!